Why iPads? Reasons for educational use

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We’ve got about 150 people in our office today for our third iPad conference of the year. Lots of buzz, lots of learning going on. It’s always fun watching people getting excited about how new tools can help their kids learn more.

But there’s a problem.

I’ve seen it. Apple reps have seen it. Teachers and administrators who are currently using iPads in creative ways have seen it.

Here’s the problem.

Bandwagon jumping.

I love mobile devices. I love how mobile devices like iPads can be used for learning. I’ve seen them in classrooms and am absolutely convinced that when used appropriately, iPads make a difference.

But without a plan, without thinking about the process, spending money on iPads can be a disaster. Too many people are jumping into this without asking two very important questions – Why and How.

Schools and districts need to spend some quality time…

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