The How of iPads: Lessons and implementation

History Tech

Earlier this week, I posted a few thoughts about the Why of iPads and a few thoughts about How to screw up iPads. I think a lot of schools are jumping on the iPad wagon, not because they believe that iPads will improve learning but simply because other schools are doing it.

There’s no real thought to their purpose. And sometimes, even if the Why has been thought through, there’s not much discussion about the How of effective deployment and use.

So today a few thoughts and resources to help understand the How.

1. Start by asking some good questions:

  • Are there times to share best-practices?
  • How will you measure whether iPads are successful?
  • What is the curriculum vision for the  iPads? Does it align with the school’s mission?
  • How can you involve parents?
  • Do you have enough wireless bandwidth?
  • Do you have enough access points?
  • Will students…

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