The Core Priorities of Maine

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“Education Evolving: Maine’s Plan for Putting Learners First”

The Commissioner of Education, Steven Bowen, recently released the Department of Education strategic plan. The plan is organized into the following core priorities and subcategories. Goals, objectives and action steps accompany each in the body of the strategic plan.

The information below is also posted on this page:

Effective, Learner-Centered Instruction

  1. Rigorous standards and aligned curricula
  2. Learner-centered instructional practices
  3. Assessment systems that provide timely, accurate data on achievement and growth
  4. Information systems that track learner growth over time

Great Teachers and Leaders

  1. Common standards for teacher and leader effectiveness
  2. Initial preparation and professional development programs that are rigorous, relevant, and data driven
  3. Next-generation evaluation systems for teachers and leaders
  4. Communities of practice designed to foster continuous improvement

Multiple Pathways for Learner Achievement

  1. Advancement based on demonstration of mastery
  2. Student voice and choice in the demonstration of learning
  3. Expanded learning options
  4. “Anytime…

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