Team Meetings: The Silent Person

Michele Pepe

Hmmm. What are they thinking? What does that expression on their face mean?

The Silent Person is often a mystery to the team meeting leader. There can be a number of reasons for the silence. First of all, if this person is on your team, you should know pretty well whether this is just their personality or if this is an anomaly. Some people are just quiet. They would rather listen than talk. They will wait to be invited before contributing. They can be put off by energetic, emotional conversations, preferring to stay on the side lines watching the action.

However, this person has a perspective that is worth hearing. Remember, this so-called silent person isn’t silent everywhere. They are talking to someone after the meeting. What will they say? These people can be your biggest de-railers and you don’t even suspect them. How can we engage them?

As you…

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