Web sites that review education apps

July 3, 2012


Apps. Lots and lots and LOTS of apps. Half a million and counting in Apple’s App Store… As iPads and iPod Touches become more prevalent in schools, educators often are overwhelmed by the sheer size and diversity of the apps ecosystem: How do I know which apps are good for my kids? Is there an app out there that will help my students with this learning goal? How can I tell if an app is great or junk?

Thankfully, others have stepped up to help educators curate apps that have learning value. Here is my list of web sites that review and/or share educational apps that work on Apple devices:

The list focuses on sites dedicated specifically to education apps, not sites that include apps and other educational technology resources as well. If you know of an education apps site that I’m missing, please add it to the list.

Does your school organization have a systematic way of sharing excellent learning apps with educators and/or parents? If not, maybe it’s time to initiate one!

[Continuing what I hope will be a month-long wave of resources for school leaders and the programs that prepare them…]

Reblogged from Dr. Scott McLeod on the Web at:

Dangerously Irrelevant

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