Leaders: You Can’t NOT Communicate!

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There are very few things in this world that are neutral.

Consider a gift that is carefully wrapped with special wrapping paper and decorative bows. It says something nice about the thought, the meaning, and the care taken in presenting that gift to someone special.

It communicates something very different than a plain brown paper grocery bag simply stapled shut with no decoration or creative flair. 

So either way the package is wrapped, it is projecting something about the person giving the gift. And it is saying it out loud.

Your Impressions

Similarly, everything you do, and everything you say, communicates something. And, importantly, everythingyou don’t do, and everything you don’t say, communicates, too.

This is a reality for everyone in business and life. And it is important for people to understand this.

Yet for leaders, it’s even more critical because all eyes are on you.

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