On Leadership, Determination and Consistent Effort

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We often hear of the value of 20/20 hindsight when looking back at the past.

And for me personally, this latest chapter in my life has provided much clarity on what determination and consistent effort can do for getting better results.

In facing the second half of 2012, I believe there is great benefit and encouragement to be gained by looking back—and with my new book, LEADING with HONOR: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton out, I’ll focus this blog entry on a pressure-tested lesson learned from the POW camps of North Vietnam in something I call:

1,955 Days—Improving My German and Chin-ups One Day at a Time

Communication Breakdown

Hanoi Hilton Cell

In the early years of our POW captivity, any form of communication was forbidden between prisoners. Consequently, communicating quietly and covertly without getting caught was slow and tedious, taking much of our day.

Still, there were down times…

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