Hey Leaders: Your Attitude is Contagious

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As a leader, your attitude speaks volumes before a word is uttered.

And like your shadow, it follows you every where you go and you often are unaware of it.

Speaking Your Mind… Out Loud

Your attitude permeates everything about you:

  • The way you think
  • The tone of your voice
  • What words you choose
  • How you move your body
  • And all of your body language

While you may think that your thoughts and feelings are purely private, your body is mirroring and in fact is speaking your mind.

What you are thinking and feeling gets translated into your body language, and is very much like those electronic signs with a message that flashes, this time across your forehead.

Your body language actually has a larger impact on others than the words you speak.

Put it all together and you’ll find your attitude sets the tone for how people respond to you…

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