What Will The Ed Tech Revolution Look Like?

Predictions for how the next 15 years are going to change how children learn, at school and at home.

During the past 40 years, accounting for inflation, we have nearly tripled the amount of money we spend per student in public K-12 education. It was roughly $4,000 in 1971, and last year amounted to $11,000 per student. Over that same period time, our students’ math and verbal test scores have remained unchanged. I am no Warren Buffett, but I can comfortably say to you that that is a lousy return on investment.

In an increasingly competitive world, it is clear that our education system–as currently designed–isn’t sustainable. Simply throwing more money at a system that produces the same results is, well, not smart. Yet, I’m optimistic about our K-12 schools. READ MORE…


Reblogged from: Fast Company  – Co.EXIST

  Tim Brady is a partner and co-founder of Imagine K12, an incubator for tech companies focused on serving the K-12 market. Continued

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