Do-It-Yourself Metrics

Metrics have arrived—which means we need a practical approach to implementing them
By Martin Klubeck, Michael Langthorne, and Don Padgett

What Is a Metric?

Most metrics are created, collected, and reported to satisfy a leader’s request. The leader’s role is to supply clarity and direction by providing the proper questions. Middle management’s role is to answer the questions. Metrics offer a means of providing the answers so that all involved can have faith in them.

Unfortunately, leaders often don’t know exactly what they want. Chances are you have played the Guessing Game with a leader, where the data you provided wasn’t what he needed, so he asked for different data, figuring he would know the right data when he saw it. Despite repeated failures, you continued to chase data as if all the effort invested in collecting the wrong data would eventually prove worth your perseverance. There is a better way.    READ MORE….

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