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More lying happens in meetings than any other place in your organization, most are lies of silence.

In meetings, silence isn’t consent, its cowardice, self-interest, manipulation, or political expediency. Honesty, more than anything else, transforms meetings. 

Truth-telling ends useless meetings.

When there’s more honesty in the “meeting after the meeting,” excellence is a myth.

Meetings apart from honesty are:

  1. Driven by personal agendas.
  2. Scripted frustration.
  3. Fake affirmations of weak leadership.

Robert Herbold, former C.O.O of Microsoft, told me, “Many meetings are useless religious ceremonies controlled by highly organized, meaningless ritual after meaningless ritual.” I wrote, “Polite Meetings Are a Waste of Time” after our conversation.

Great agendas, apart from honest participation, are well oiled exercises in futility.

Jay Elliot, former Sr. V.P. of Apple, shocked me when he said they had lots of meetings at Apple and they were useful. I’ve come to appreciate well run meetings, even if they…

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