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Hi guys, 2013 is here now, so first of all, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a successful New Year! I hope you had a relaxing time with your families and friends. During my Christmas holidays I read a great book – “Drive”. It made me think about what really motivates us. Part of the book talks about goal setting, which I think is a perfect topic for my first post in 2013. As it is the beginning of the year, I am pretty sure that soon most of us will have this “popular” meeting with the management to define our goals for the next six months. But is this really a good thing? Let’s dig a bit more into it…

How many of you heard that goals must be SMART? Do you actually think it is a good definition for goals? SMART stands…

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  1. William, thank you for the re-blog. I agree with the sentiments expressed by Luis. I found it interesting that he used Daniel Pink’s book, Drive, in his post. I know others who use the same reference for the opposite purpose

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