In the absence of information, people will make it up!

Transforming Ordinary People into Extraordinary Performers

Puzzle-peopleThe power of communication as an effective leadership tool cannot be overstated! In study after study, research has validated the fact that employees feel more empowered and engaged when they are kept in the loop about company information. Employees will talk … and our informal research tells us that in the absence of adequate or accurate information, people will make it up! So why not be sure the information being shared will improve productivity and teamwork?

Here’s a Key Principle every leader, manager, and supervisor should know:  When people know what is going on and how they fit into the overall picture, they are more motivated and engaged, and they will contribute more effectively to the bottom line.

TakeActionTake Action

Here are three quick tips to help you build clear, consistent, accurate communication into the way you do business:

  1. Schedule regular opportunities for people to get together to ask…

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