Be Positive

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Will Lukang, CLDC, CSM, PMP

Every day we are faced with challenges that sometimes affect the way we interact with others.   Decisions are made based on that state of mind that have lasting impact.   Sometimes we lose our nerve and let the situation get the best of us.  After the fact, we regret having acted the way we did, but then it is too late.  We said things that hurt people’s feelings, and worse yet, we made bad decisions because of it.

So, what do we do?  We certainly are humans who are bound to make mistakes.   What’s the best way to preempt such a situation?   When you’re getting overwhelmed or feel like your emotion is getting the best of you, do the following:

1)      Take a deep breath — really slowly, a deep breath to help calm you down.

2)      Try your best to see things in perspective –…

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