Why We DO Need Teachers


Last week on June 26, I shared some ideas from NPR’s TED Radio Hour’s program “Unstoppable Education.” Dr. Sugata Mitra‘s fascinating “Hole in the Wall” experiments suggested that children, even those from deprived environments, were astonishingly good at teaching themselves how to use computers to acquire complex knowledge. As I listened, I found myself wondering if my teaching job is superfluous. After hearing enlightening talks from Annie Murphy Paul and Rita Pierson, I was relieved when Dr. Mitra returned to close the program and explained why teachers are necessary. As he presented his ideas, I wanted to cheer, and my canine co-pilot may have actually had her adorable ears singed by a hearty “D@#$ straight!”

(You can hear this portion of the program…the 10 minutes and change will allow you to finish the Clean Desk Project that we started last week…by clicking here.)

The young students in Dr…

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