4 Misconceptions About Leadership

Education to Save the World

When you read the below misconceptions about leadership, it’s likely that you’ll agree with the fact that they are misunderstandings of leadership.  They seem obvious.  The tricky thing is it’s very easy to fall into these ideas.  Many of them are buried in our thinking and pop up especially in stressful times. 

Have you had an experience where you act on one of these assumptions in your leadership?   We definitely have!

Leaders need to have all the answers.

You hear the voice in your head saying “You can’t make any mistakes” or “It would be easier if I did this myself.”  Maybe you even feel like you need to prove that you are better at this than any of your team members.  These thoughts and feelings are all connected to an understanding of leadership in which the leader has all the answers and thus directs others.

Contrast that with this…

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