11 ways to stop workplace drama

Nitpickers' Nook

This is a guest post by Marlene Chism, author and speaker.

In my book, Stop Workplace Drama, I talk about how obstacles in your personal life always spill into your professional life. Most of the things that keep us stuck are not circumstantial. What holds us back and then becomes drama are our addictions, bad habits and character flaws. So how about looking at things you can stop doing? Making one significant change could change every other area of your life, including your workplace relationships. Here are 11 ways you can stop workplace drama:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. You are unique and so is the next person. As my algebra teacher used to say, you can’t compare an apple with a Billy goat. Instead, appreciate your blessings, and compliment others on their skills, abilities and attributes. If you want to improve in some area, take action, but quit…

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