How New Managers Sometimes Become Micro-Managers

Blanchard LeaderChat

bigstock-Little-child-looking-through-a-19473143Often, new managers are promoted because they are very good at their jobs. Their supervisors may have caught a glimpse of leadership potential. Generally speaking, they are ambitious and hard-working people.

Ever wonder why promising new managers end up becoming micro-managers?  The problem is often under-supervision. Many times, new managers don’t get the direction and support they need from their immediate boss to learn and gradually master their new role. After a basic orientation, it is assumed that they will figure out the nuances of the position on their own.

If you are like me, when left to your own devices, consciously or unconsciously you revert to what has worked in the past. Lacking specifics and encouragement in a new role the new manager may slip back into doing the jobs of their direct reports instead of providing direction and support. Ever had a leader take over a task or…

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