Rethinking 5 Beliefs that Erode Workplace Motivation

Blanchard LeaderChat

"What do you think?" handwritten with white chalk on a blackboarCan you fill-in-the-blanks on these common workplace belief statements?

  • It’s not personal, it is just ________.
  • The purpose of business is to _____ _______.
  • We need to hold people ___________.
  • The only thing that really matters is _______.
  • If you cannot measure it, it _________ ________.

We have embedded these beliefs so deep in our collective psyche that I bet you do not even need to check your answers. However, just because these belief statements are common, does not mean they are legitimate. I encourage you to consider that holding these beliefs may be undermining your ability to effectively cultivate a motivating environment for those you lead.

In this blog we will explore the first eroding belief: “It’s not personal, it is just business.”  We will tackle the other belief statements in upcoming posts.

Are You Kidding?

As a manager, you deliver information, feedback, or news to an individual…

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