Why Do Good People Underperform?

Rise Performance Group

By Mark Fenner

Why Do Good People Underperform?

For a new hire, you may now be wondering what you saw in that person in the first place. For existing staffers, there may be a change for the worse in their performance, and you’re puzzling over why.

There are a few general reasons why someone is underperforming. Especially in the case of a new hire, maybe you just misread them and they really don’t have the capabilities you expected. Or perhaps the job – or a promotion or lateral move – just turned out to be a bad fit. There are other reasons, too; maybe the goals, objectives, and deliverables weren’t as clear as you thought. Or bad relationships developed between the employee in question and his or her manager or co-workers. Or maybe it’s the work atmosphere.

Let’s look briefly at each of these and how to prevent or deal…

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