On Leadership and The Attitudes for Success

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Positive Attitude

Attitudes are the very essence of a person’s relative success or failure on a human relationship basis. In most cases, someone with a bad attitude will struggle much harder for success at almost every level than someone with a good attitude.

With this being the case, we must understand these 3 crucial elements of attitudes:

  • What an attitude is
  • How it manifests itself
  • How others may perceive it       

What is an Attitude?

One dictionary definition of an attitude is this:

A complex mental state involving beliefs, feelings, values and dispositions to act in certain ways.”  

Or put another way, an attitude is the way we exhibit our feelings and concerns about something in which we we strongly believe.

The issue is not so much the fact that we have strong feelings about certain things. The problem is that when we feel challenged, we…

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