Can you tell me a story?

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galahan___the_bard_by_gustavomalek-d3919p3Before there were books there was Storytelling (also called oral tradition). The history of the clan was handed down in the form of stories from father to son. Later, men were trained in how to deliver a good story and earned their living as bards or as storytellers, travelling from town to town passing along news as they went. In modern times, children are told bedtime stories by our parents. As a result, we are almost conditioned to listen when someone starts to tell us a story. How many times have you stayed up late reading a novel that you couldn’t put down, or watching a movie that you couldn’t turn off? Assuming that the storyteller has any skill at all, we soon start to lose ourselves in the story, learning and becoming engaged at the same time.

Storytelling affecting the business

Today, almost all good presenters and leaders will…

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