Too Many Office Policies “What a Scary Thought!”

Practical Practice Management

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How do you create operational policies that everyone will be willing to follow?

Many offices that I have worked with have had an office policy manual that would take a year to read through.

I have always been of the thought that a business can run successfully with having only a few good company polices in place.

For people to want to follow policies they must be understandable and reasonable.  Employees also must be able to see the points below in each policy that they are expected to abide by.

  1. Fair – If employees can see and understand the policy they are expected to uphold has a purpose, they can see why it makes sense and feel that it is fair; they will have fewer problems with following it.
  2. Relevant – The policy has to be relevant to all those who have to uphold it.  If it does not apply…

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