The Abdication of Parenthood: A Cry For Help?


A number of years ago, at a meeting of our school board, I drifted off, distant, sedated, lost. This, unfortunately, had become a bored meeting. Obliquely, at some point in my near drooling state of serenity, I noticed a lot of faces looking in my direction. A board member, I realised, had just said something like, “I am interested in what you think, Mike.” Making a sharp landing back on earth, in a cold sweat, I requested that the sincere speaker clarify the question. I believe she simply repeated her original inquiry, but I will never know. “What do you think is the single biggest challenge facing schools in the years ahead?”

Fortunately, I held a face-saving conviction on this topic at the time. It’s a phrase I had considered for several years and I believed it was original. My response:“the abdication of parenthood.” I had considered this thesis…

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