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Should teachers be evaluated by student test scores?

April 22, 2013 by Scott McLeod  Should teachers be evaluated by students’ standardized test scores? While that idea seems to make intuitive sense, my newest resource on value-added measures (VAM) highlights the rating volatility, legal issues, and other concerns that have led … Continue reading

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Textbooks Up Their Game

Inkling Adapting College Best Sellers for iPad, Capitalizing on Interactive Features By JEFFREY A. TRACHTENBERG Maybe the iPad will move digital college textbooks out of theory and into practice. Jeffrey Trachtenberg talks to Simon Constable, Eric Savitz and Lauren Goode … Continue reading

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Florida: Don’t Let a Charter Corporation Steal Your Neighborhood School

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Bill Sublette is a former Florida state representative who is now chairman of the Orange County school board. He is a Republican. In this excellent article, he explains how the parent trigger bill,…

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Holding back our children

Digital technologies are magnifiers and amplifiers of our humanity. They extend the reach of our human voice. They increase a millionfold our capacities and inclinations to find, connect, and share with others. They boost exponentially our abilities to collaborate with … Continue reading

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Letters to the editor: LePage ignores public schools’ successes

 David Lentini, North Berwick, ME. – PORTLAND PRESS HERALD:  Posted:Today Updated: 10:06 AM – I am vice chair of the Board of Directors of Maine School Administrative District 60, but I am writing as a private citizen. My views here … Continue reading

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Eliminating the “Extra” from Extracurricular Activities

by Justin Bathon Why do we not give P.E. credit for participating in football? Or any of the other various sports requiring physical activity? The kids are far more active in football than they are in the P.E. class. We … Continue reading

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Michelle Rhee: Wrong again

Her education “reform” movement sends the lovely message that communities should stay out of their schools By David Sirota Former DC schools chancellor Michelle Rhee Most who are reading these words will probably agree that our country is facing a … Continue reading

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Getting rich off of schoolchildren

Stop pretending wealthy CEOs pushing for charter schools are altruistic “reformers.” They’re raking in billions By David Sirota News Corporation Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch (AP Photo/Cliff Owen) (Credit: AP) Last week, Los Angeles provided yet another example of a … Continue reading

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