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Managing Information Technology in Schools: Doing IT Better

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What is the value of information technology (IT)?  Are schools getting what they pay for?  Most school business managers see IT as yet another cost center and they grumble.  So how do you manage IT to…

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Holding back our children

Digital technologies are magnifiers and amplifiers of our humanity. They extend the reach of our human voice. They increase a millionfold our capacities and inclinations to find, connect, and share with others. They boost exponentially our abilities to collaborate with … Continue reading

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Does Our Current Education System Support Innovation?

July 17, 2012 | 10:48 AM | By MindShift By Aran Levasseur Innovation is the currency of progress. In our world of seismic changes, innovation has become a holy grail that promises to shepherd us through these uncertain and challenging … Continue reading

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Two big mistakes in thinking about technology in education

By Robert Talbert June 27th, 2012 Slate magazine has been running several articles on education this week, including two today that are of interest. This one by Konstantin Kakaes is worth looking at more closely, if only because it somehow … Continue reading

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EDTECH597 – Guest Blogger: Which Online SAT Prep Course is Right for Your High School Student?

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Carlina Yepinski is the primary researcher and writer for Her most recent accomplishments includes graduating from Kentucky State with a degree in communications and computer science. Her current focus for the site involves…

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Web sites that review education apps

July 3, 2012 Apps. Lots and lots and LOTS of apps. Half a million and counting in Apple’s App Store… As iPads and iPod Touches become more prevalent in schools, educators often are overwhelmed by the sheer size and diversity … Continue reading

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Project to evaluate use of tablets in schools

By Raishay Lin, Contributing Editor Read more by Contributor Tablets—with their lightweight portability and interactive touch screens—have been hailed as the next “must have” as schools move toward mobile computing. But questions linger: How much network access do students need? … Continue reading

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iPad Trial 2012-2013 – A few initial notes

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A few notes I have put together with some thoughts of how I will implement the iPad trial in September. We are looking at buying a class of iPads initially and then taking it from…

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iPad Apps and Instructional Strategies – Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition

Originally posted on Teaching for Tomorrow:
This is the third post in a series devoted to integrating the instructional strategies discussed in Classroom Instruction That Works: Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement (Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock) into teaching and learning…

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Resources and Websites for the Education Leadership Community

Young people are the future. If society is to advance technologically, then the next generation needs more intelligence passed on. A lot of trust is placed in elementary and secondary schools as well as facilities of higher education. To ensure these facilities are doing their part, there are countless organizations working to make sure that the schools are appropriately staffed, funded and that they have adequate resources. Below are links to the web pages for several dozen.

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