Negative people are like second hand-smoke

Reinvent Me! 2013

An article in Psychology Today says “negativity is like second-hand smoke. It not only permeates the room but has dire health consequences for those unfortunate enough to be in its path.”

Negative people are ‘Debbie Downers’, as my friend Pam describes them.  With their pessimism, anxiety and distrust, negative people dampen the mood of everyone around them. No fun.

Negative people have the uncanny ability to find fault with everything. If they go to a fancy restaurant they completely overlook the good food, great service, fantastic company and nice ambiance. Instead the gripe about the cost.   When you talk about your dreams and ambitions rather than being supportive, the negative person rhymes off all the reasons why your venture will fail.  Negative people also tend to distrust others. They have a litany of complaints about their neighbours, friends, relatives, you name it.

According to neuroscientists, negativity is linked to increased stress…

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